the dance

everyone plays their part
~ Saturday, March 23 ~

This is your brain on diction.

Give me arms. I will run this whole thing. I have the hat for it. All terrestrial nations, I am addressing you. All inter-dimensional listeners, I am addressing you. My light is increasing. I am to rupture. All the demons will pour out of my laughing mouth with demons pouring out of their laughing mouths. For the son has been brought forth and no force can stop us. This is the lamb of the world we have made. Spare me some wool and some skin. Suffering is my birthright as a lamb. Unchain the buckets, pigblood prank raining on your white dress. Outside nothing is happening. The only movement is of bees, aimless, with exposed quivering stingers. My lunar organ is quietly humming. Soaping up we hope to be cleansed. Repeat the rinse. Hotter water. Removing mammalian golden hair with handled razors. Ah, the precious irritation of emergence. Sundry stimulants all blending into one ripe entry into that which is entering into us. To receive this cool blown air. We are blowing cool air out of our mouths in summer. We lay around on mattresses under open windows in denim shorts in the summer and the conversation is not so urgent then. Not like the bare limbed words of winter. The desperate eyes of forced wakefulness. The hibernating mammal cannot take this kind of slicing light. Let the lace doilies of snow fall on her burrow. Dreaming is constructive. We cross oceans and get touched. We lose everything in a swallowing storm. Dreaming is without the body so without fear. Only the dying body fears. Listen to me deeply but without worship. I am wise in gut but with green sapling trunk and just one winter’s worth of scars. 

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